What Are You So Grumpy About? and What’s With This Room?

After reviewing Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld this week, I decided to share  some of his other treasures.  

What Are You So Grumpy About?  is written and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld for children 4-8 years.  Lichtenheld has hit another home run with kids with his bold, detailed and outrageous illustrations.  I have only one word for this book, hilarious!   You only need to read this book once, for kids to get its message.  It will be a favorite for a long time.

There are many reasons for feeling grumpy, and this book is packed with them.   For instance, getting up on the wrong side of the bed and stepping on a pointy toy, someone leaving the toilet seat up, eating grown-up cereal and weird food, too many chores, receiving underpants for your birthday, getting cooties when your sibling touches you, picking up your room, and visiting the most boring museums with your dad.

Lichtenheld cleverly understands what triggers a kid to feel grumpy.  But, he also knows the secret remedy for a grumpy kid.  LAUGHTER!  You can’t be grumpy if you are laughing.  A great book that explores moods.

What’s With This Room? is another funny and engaging book written in verse and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.  The illustrations are very detailed, bold and lively.  If your child has a messy room, this book certainly is a must read!  But beware, the mess is so bad you can almost smell it — another sign of  winning book.  Kids will spend time just looking at every detail on each double-page spread and laugh out loud.  The story’s point about cleanliness is clear.

Mom enters her son’s room with hands on her hips and demands to know “what’s with this room and all its clutter and filth?”  So begins the lengthy tug-of war conversation between a mother and her son:  from the piles of clothes,  the moldy food, the stinky runaway shoes, to the smelly monster under the bed that ate a stinky sock and died, and a closet filled with vermin and varmints.  Both Mom and Dad demand to know how his room got in this state of disarray?  And, for every complaint the child has a clever response.  I won’t share the son’s answers or give away the ending, because it is too humorous.   This is a great read for both kids with their parents.

About Patricia Tiltonhttps://childrensbooksheal.wordpress.comI want "Children's Books Heal" to be a resource for parents, grandparents, teachers and school counselors. My goal is to share books on a wide range of topics that have a healing impact on children who are facing challenges in their lives. If you are looking for good books on grief, autism, visual and hearing impairments, special needs, diversity, bullying, military families and social justice issues, you've come to the right place. I also share books that encourage art, imagination and creativity. I am always searching for those special gems to share with you. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

15 thoughts on “What Are You So Grumpy About? and What’s With This Room?

  1. I love a good laugh, so any book that makes you laugh has to be good. I think we all get grumpy now and again, but it is so much better to look on the bright side. I saw this one on his website and instantly liked it.
    “What’s with this Room” reminds me of when I had to assess an office early last year, a couple of us decided to clean up a Managers office, boy I won’t tell you what we found…eww!
    Again lovely books and lovely messages, I can see parents racing to get the second one….LOL. Thankyou Pat.


    • Thanks Diane. Laughter is a great remedy for a grumpy child. This book is so relevant and funny. There was a very sweet YouTube video of a 2 1/2 year-old girl reading the book outloud to her younger brother. It was priceless the comments between the sibilings. But, “What’s With This Room?” was priceless. The pictures were so outrageous that I even laughed as I read it. Even more humorous was the child’s explanations of why he kept smelly shoes, and moldy food. Don’t want to spoil. Since I was on a Lichtenheld roll, I decided to review books opposite of Cloudette, to show his versatility. I still have one more, I like a great deal.


    • I agree Joanne. But it also helps if you’re an artist. What a gift to have an idea, see the illustrations in your mind and bring them together. His humor is in the illustrations, and the child’s response to why his room is such a mess. The Grumpy book shows humour at the end. He drew upon a childhood experience with Grumpy.


  2. Thanks for your kind words about my books, and for digging into the archives for books done awhile ago. Keep an eye out for my upcoming release “E-mergency,” a story inspired by a boy and his very funny youtube video. You’ll find it on my site, tomlichtenheld.com


    • What a nice surprise! Thank you for responding to my review of your books. I was so inspired by Cloudette, that I wanted to know more about your work. Your illustrations are amazing! Thanks for telling me about your upcoming release, as I will look forward to its release. I have looked at your blog, and see there are many other titles to read, Also plan to review Bridget’s Beret because I love its strong message.



    • Just had a chance to really read about “E-mergency” the story behind the young boy with autism who inspired this book. I loved his video book. I review a lot of books about the autism spectrum, and this truly is a success story for Ezra. You helped him realize his dream. So many of the kids within the autism spectrum are growing up and transitioning into adulthood and their futures are unknown. You helped encourage Ezra by collaborating with him. What a great story to tell. Saw the book the parents wrote. Thanks for pointing out your new book, because I will want to review it, mention Ezra’s story, and read his father’s book. — Patricia Tilton


  3. These books sound wonderful — and your reviews of them were particularly engaging. I’m also delighted for you that the author dropped by to thank you, and to tell us all about his upcoming book. More books for the reading list!


    • Thank you Beth. His books are just filled with humor. His upcoming book E-mergency is inspired by a video book done by a teenage boy with autism. I watched the video. Will look forward to this release. Will probably run my review of Bev’s books in the next week. It’s written, but I need to tweak it as I would like to link to your interview with Bev rather than your review of her books.
      It’s time I do another review on autism. I receive most of my hits every day on autism, ADHD and books for military kids.


      • Oh wow, his latest book is right up your alley, isn’t it!

        I’m eager to read your review of Bev’s books. And I’m delighted to know that you’ll be linking to the interview. Bev will be delighted by the whole thing.

        It’s very interesting to see what leads people to one’s blog, isn’t it? I get a surprising number of hits on reading aloud to the elderly. I like that.


  4. How wonderful for you Pat that the author dropped by, maybe you could entice him into an interview (as you have encouraged me to do), that would be wonderful. Have checked out the new book on his website and found others equally interesting, he has such a great play on words and using the alphabet, I was smiling away as I flipped through the pages we were allowed to see. Love to hear more.


    • Thanks Diane. It was a lovely surprise to receive Lichtenheld’s note. The thought has crossed my mind. His new book is right up my alley because of his colloboration with a teenager who is autistic. But we shall see.


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