International Dot Day – Sept. 15, 2012

More than 620,000 children worldwide have signed up to celebrate International Dot Day in their classrooms around September 15.  And, I’m sure that number will grow as the day approaches.  In the U.S., kids in all 50 states have signed up.  It’s inspiring that so many children (and grown-up kids) will be using their imaginations to draw special dot creations during this global event.  And, this is a perfect time to issue a challenge to all the KidLit bloggers to make and publish a dot on their websites Sept. 15-ish.

Peter H. Reynolds, author and illustrator,  published The Dot, on Sept. 15, 2003.  The book is about a girl who doesn’t think she can draw.  The idea for International Dot Day grew out of this powerful story and has become an annual event, with more kids participating each year.  This is a wonderful opportunity to help kids open their eyes to the world of creativity and self-worth,” says Terry Shay,  Dot Day Ambassador.  Shay is a teacher who is passionate about the event and the enthusiastic educators who make this event happen in their schools.

If you are a teacher and want to participate, there is still time to sign up your  students at  If you are a student  and want to participate, talk with your teacher and parent.

Visit to learn more about International Dot Day, activity suggestions, resources, a global map showing participants and a peek at the dots being created by celebrities.  There also is a Facebook page devoted to International Dot Day with frequent updates.

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45 thoughts on “International Dot Day – Sept. 15, 2012

    • Michelle, it started a few years ago. Two weeks ago, there were 65,000 kids signed up — now there are 176,000 and growing. This is going to be the biggest event ever. There is a map on the last website I listed, and it shows the world wide participants. The book is printed in many different languages.


  1. I’m delighted to see your promotion of International Dot Day, Pat! Just read on Terry Shay’s Twitter that The Day is now officially being celebrated in all fifty states and many countries outside the U.S.

    What a great boost to kids’ creativity!

    I’ve also given a shout-out to Fablevision on my blog today — great minds think alike.


    • Thanks Beth. I knew the numbers would change by morning. I wouldn’t be surrised at the rate they are growing, that there will be over 300,000 participating. Just read your mention of Fablevision on your blog. We’ve done that a couple of times.


  2. You know, everyone can draw but not everyone can draw well. I do like this book though. How will you know what you can do unless you push those boundaries and learn to embrace failure or success?


  3. Pat!! Thank you so much for this blog post and for sharing “International Dot Day”! It’s nice to see one of my favorite projects on one of my favorite blogs!

    It is so exciting to watch the numbers climb and, more importantly, to watch the creativity expressed by kids and teachers all around the world. It’s through the support of amazing people like you that this event has reached so many people. My deepest gratitude.


    • Terry, you are welcome! I have been excited watching the numbers climb. My guess is you’ll have 300,000 signed up by Sept. 15. I really like the idea of schools connecting with each other and connecting the dots — that is really cool! You’ve done a great job and wanted to mention that you were behind this day. – Pat


    • Coleen, I hope you make a Dot. If so, make sure you sign up or publish on Twitter so Fablevision will see it on your blog. You can read their comments below. A number of us in our group will make Dots.


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  5. Pat…thank you SOOOOO much for directing me here…I will definitely do a DOT with Jeremy before I leave. We worked on quite a few arts and crafts projects…but this is perfect…I love the driving force behind International Dot Day…open kids’ eyes to the world of creativity and self-worth…can’t get better than that!


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