Song of Sahel Event Launched

Today is a special day for the members of a blog I follow On the Plum Tree, as they respond to a crisis in Africa with the launch of a book, music and art.   Dr. Niamh Clune and a group of very talented international poets, artists, photographers and musicians have created a beautiful anthology,  Song of Sahel, which can be purchased on Amazon.

This labor of love was inspired after Dr. Clune’s husband was asked to respond to a crisis last spring in Niger to set up refugee camps to cope with those pouring across the Malian border in hopes of escaping the civil war.

She began to share her husband’s experiences in Sahel with members of Plum Tree.  Many were inspired to write poetry about the pain and suffering that was occurring in Sahel.   The response from the group nudged Dr. Clune to make a call across her social networks for poets, musicians, artists and photographers to submit a piece of work about the poverty, famine, and disease that was occurring in Sahel.  The response was remarkable.  The project grew wings and the Song of Sahel took flight.

Today is the official launch of Song of Sahel, which will run for 48 hours.   This is an important global project, as I have seen some of the poetry, artwork and listened to the music of a very talented group of artists.  Join them on Facebook where event will be hosted on Plum Tree Books.   The music will be available for download at Juno.  Click here to visit the beautiful art auction .   All proceeds from the sales will go directly to a very worthy cause — SOS Sahel. 

I hope you will take time to visit the site.  Song of Sahel is inspiring and a  feast for the soul.

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16 thoughts on “Song of Sahel Event Launched

  1. I have been following the progress of this wonderful project the past few weeks. The contributions are rich and varied in the creative response to this need. I read Erik’s (thiskidreviewsbooks) poem this morning, which is just beautiful.


    • Oh Susanna, I’m glad you took a moment to read this post of Sahel. With so many poets in our group, they would love the anthology. My husband downloaded it today and was captivated by the depth and beauty of the poetry and artwork. Tomorrow it’s mine to read. I know I’m a challenged as a poet, but I love to read good work.


  2. Pat I am sorry to say I never knew of this till I read your post. I also read Erik’s wonderful poem and loved his sister’s balloon picture, how wonderful that children are able to feel they can contribute in a special way like that. Hope the project is a success.


    • Diane, I hope you check out the page to get a feel for the project. It really is a creative response to an very important need in Sahel. Downloaded the anthology from Amazon and it speaks to the heart. Wonderful poetry and art.


    • Erik, I believe it is a very event worthy of a lot of attention. Glad we both shared it in a different way with others. Absolutely loved your poem and Josie’s artwork and balloon launch — both creative endeavors that support the project. Saw you downloaded the anthology. I did too.


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