The Red Kite – Spring Contest

Author Susanna Leonard Hill is sponsoring a children’s writing contest, in poetry or prose, about “Spring.”  There is a maximum number of 350 words.  And, the last line must be “[Character Name] knew spring was here at last.  Entries should be posted on your blog between Friday, March 15  and Monday, March 19.  And you post-specific link should be added to official “In Just Spring Contest” post.   My word count is 348.

The Red Kite

Tommy flapped his arms and raced up the hill near his home.  The chilly wind blew through his hair and painted his cheeks rosy.  He stopped at the top and thrust his arms towards the sky.  Tommy turned and faced four different directions.

“The wind is just right,” he yelled to his sister, Emma.  “Today is a good day to fly our kite.”

Tommy and Emma ran to the barn and pulled open the door.  Their red kite hung on a post.  They had spent two days assembling the kite frame with sticks and string.  They cut and folded the paper, stretched it over the frame and glued the sides.  The last thing they added was a streaming tail.

“Emma, will you hold the kite so I can attach the string?” asked Tommy.  “Okay, let’s go fly Red.”

“I c-can’t wait to see Red f-fly,” stammered Emma.

They climbed the hill and searched for the perfect spot to catch a breeze.  Tommy handed the kite to Emma and showed her how to place it above her head.  He backed away letting the string slowly unwind until he felt the right amount of tension.

“When I start to run, let the kite go” he instructed Emma. “Ready?”

Emma nodded.  She felt a tug and let go.  The kite lifted into the air.  ZOOM!  ZOOM!  The kite veered to the left and to the right.   It suddenly dove into the ground.  KER-PLUNK!   Emma quickly retrieved the kite.

“It’s f-f-fine,” she called.  “Let me t-t-try.”

Scott held the kite and Emma backed away slowly.  She felt the wind between them support the kite.

“Now, let g-go,” she called to Tommy.  Emma slowly caught a waft of wind and maneuvered the kite’s ascent into the sky with her magic touch.  It rose higher and higher.  She  handed Tommy the kite string.

Tommy felt the power of the wind and the exhilaration of Red soaring amidst the backdrop of a blue sky with billowy clouds.

“We did it Emma!” exclaimed Tommy.  “Red flew.”

“Hooray,” Emma cheered.

Tommy knew spring was here at last!

happy boy flying kite

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69 thoughts on “The Red Kite – Spring Contest

  1. I love how they made their own kite and the build ip of excitement. Kites are perfectly Spring. Well done, Pat.


    • Barbara, you must have lived in an area where it wasn’t possible. For me it was a rite of spring. I even made kites with my brother. I was surprised to see there are many books written on kite making for the classroom.


  2. So sweet! I love it! It was so easy to see the images in my head. A great little movie! And I thought of my husband……he flew his first kite at age 63.


  3. I was hoping someone would write about flying a kite for the contest! It’s one of the best things about March. Actually it’s perfect kite flying weather today where I live. I just might go out and to that this afternoon!


  4. I never could get the hang of kite flying but it was one of my favorite things to attempt every year when I was l was little. So thank you for bringing back childhood magic for me!


    • Glad you enjoyed my story Jennifer. One of my favorite things to do in the spring. Have been out of touch with you for six months or so. Don’t know why you blog doesn’t show on my WP feed.


  5. Oh, what a fun story, and how lovely that they got their kite up! Kites are so spring, aren’t they? as temperamental as the March wind 🙂 I especially love how Emma, feeling a surge of confidence after getting the kite up when Tommy couldn’t, says “Hooray” with no stutter 🙂


  6. Pat…what a charming sweet story! I love the message here…not only about Spring…but also about a brother and sister (?) who work together to get the kite to fly. And, more importantly, the one with the ‘handicap’ (stutter) has other unique and special qualities…she has a magic touch when it comes to kite-flying.:) What a lovely story to help children realize that we are all special and wonderful!


    • I appreciate your comments Vivian. Thank you. The beginning of spring for me was being able to fly a kit. We made many. I was surprised to find that there are all kinds of kite books out there for classroom activities. In today’s world, kids normally buy them. Yes, I didn’t say Emma had difficulty with speech, I just showed it, because it had nothing to do with she and Tommy flying their kite. I wanted her to be the average kid.


  7. Talk about your show don’t tell. You layered so much in this story with few words. Talent my dear, lady. I totally appreciate that Emma is a hero as well in this, with her magic touch. Oh such a good read, Pat.


  8. Fun to remember that kite flying feeling. You captured it well, Pat. It made me sad to realize there are too many houses around here now and few spaces big enough to do something like this. It’s a beach activity for us now.


  9. I love that this is a story about realistic kids. You don’t mention Emma’s stutter outright. It is just part of her and she is a regular kid with a love of kite flying. Great message.


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