Toodles and Teeny

Toodles9781433811982_p0_v1_s260x420Toodles and Teeny:  A Story About Friendship

Jill Neimark and Marcella Bakur Weiner, Authors

JoAnne Adinolfi, Illustrator

Magination Press, Fiction, 2013

Suitable for Ages: 4-8

Awards: 2012 Gold Medal Winner, Mom’s Choice Awards

Themes:  Building Healthy Friendships, Best Friends, Animals

Opening:  Toodles the Turkey had no best friend.  She had oodles of playmates/And all kinds of play dates with Cathy the Cow and Omar the Owl/With Streaky the Barn Cat/And Boo-Boo the Barn Bat.”

Synopsis:  Although Toodles has many friends who keep her busy, she feels lonely because she doesn’t have a best friend.  One day by the pond she meets Teeny, a tiny white turkey who is also lonely.  Toodles and Teeny spend the entire summer together eating berries and chestnuts, taking naps on the hillside, telling silly stories, fishing in the pond and chatting about everything.  Back in the barnyard, the other animals miss Toodles and wonder why she isn’t playing with them anymore.  They find Toodles and Teeny by the pond and are angry that they have been ignored all summer.  Will Toodles have to make a choice?

Why I like this book:   Jill and Marcella have written a very heartwarming book about the difficulties of childhood friendships.  All children will relate to this entertaining story.  The ending is very clever and satisfying.  Building friendships is important to a child’s growth and self-worth.  Children need to have both casual and fun friendships.  They also need to have at least one best friend.  JoAnn Adinolfi’s illustrations are colorful, bold, expressive and add to this engaging story.

Resources:  The authors have written helpful back matter for parents to use as a guide with their children.  Friendships are complicated and the author’s offer important tips for parents to help their children build healthy relationships.  Their suggestions can lead to good discussion material with children.  Check out friendships crafts that children can make.   Make sure you visit Jill Neimark’s website.  Jill is also the author of I Want Your Moo.

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34 thoughts on “Toodles and Teeny

  1. Ugh, kid’s friendships can be a challenge. In our neighborhood, it seems that every few weeks someone’s not getting along with someone. I know a few adults that should read this, too! 🙂


  2. Looks like it’s Friendship Friday! This one looks pretty cute! And a great topic. Friend relationships are so hard for kids sometimes. I’m always seeing kids with hurt feelings from misunderstandings with “friends”. I’ll have to check this book out! Thanks Ms Tilton!


  3. Thanks for the lovely review! It means a lot to me. I was a really shy, bookish little girl, and when my best friend was skipped a grade, I remember walking around the schoolyard feeling unmoored. It took years to find a new best friend. In this book, Toodles has many good friends, but wants a best friend–and when we’re children, that best friend is a major developmental milestone. That kind of friendship helps us start to define ourselves in the world, and to reach out and expand our horizons. Toodles has to learn to include her good friends along with her best friend–not always easy. I so appreciate your kind review!


  4. This looks like it’s a great book – and it’s by Jill! Kid friendships can be so volatile — this would be so helpful for kids to understand some of the tricky dynamics and to help them figure out what’s important in friendships. Thanks, Pat!


    • How beautiful! I remember that in the back pages. I hope you liked the review. Took me forever to access my blog. You’ve written such a wonderful story. I enjoyed reviewing your wonderful book!


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