Exclamation Mark!

Exclamation Mark9780545436793_p0_v1_s260x420Exclamation Mark!

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Author

Tom Lichtenheld, Illustrator

Scholastic Press, Fiction, March 2013

Suitable for Ages: 5 and up

Themes: Fitting In, Standing Out, Punctuation

Opening “!  He stood out from the very beginning.”

Synopsis:  An exclamation point feels that he stands out from all the periods.  Although he tries to fit in, he isn’t like the other marks.  He is depressed until one day he meets a question mark ?, who pellets him with questions until he yells Stop!  He tries bigger words: Wow!  Yippee!  Way to Go!  Cool!  Boo!  Then more exclamations rush from his mouth and he shows all his friends what he can do.  At last he’s found his purpose.

Why I like this book:  Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld have teamed up to create another very simple and creative  story that both children and adults will find an entertaining way to understand the role of a period, question mark and exclamation mark. The story idea is brilliant. I also think their humorous story will spark many meaningful discussions at home and in the classroom about fitting in, self-expression and finding one’s place in the world.  Lichtenheld’s illustrations really bring the punctuation marks to life in a delightful way for kids.  The background looks like lined homework paper. The marks all have facial expressions.  The art is simple and progresses to an explosion of colorful words at the end.  This book is a must for the classroom.  Visit Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld at their websites.

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26 thoughts on “Exclamation Mark!

    • Genevieve, I love exclamation points and have to be careful not to over use them in my manuscripts. This is a delightful book for children. There are two great lessons in this story.


  1. This is great creative writing. Guaranteed to excite children and adults alike. What if ….. all alphabets could converse with each other? What would they say?



    • Rosenthal and Lichtenheld are very creative children’s authors/illustrators who think outside the box. They have collaborated on many great children’s books. Lichtenheld did write a children’s book in 2011 call E-Mergency, about the letters of the alphabet living together. One of the most important vowels gets injured and the story that follows is brilliant. Thank you for stopping.


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  3. Both Posts are wonderful for celebrating the exclamation point. Quite creative for all! I find if I use one ! I do it in odd numbers. Don’t feel they should pair off. They should be solo or having fun with a group starting at !!! (3). Silly Me!!!!!!! 🙂 Jk ps. Children’s Books Heal & On The Plum Tree with Dr. NanaPlum’s Rhyming Corner are so perfect for children and the child, alive & excited & haven’t grown up, in a great many of us with double digit ages. Thank you both!!!!!!!


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