International Dot Day September 15-ish

dot_day_2012_v01September 15 will be the 10th anniversary of Peter H. Reynold’s international bestselling book, The Dot, about a girl who doesn’t think she can draw.   Last year more than 850,000 students worldwide signed up to celebrate International Dot Day in their classrooms and individually.  The goal this year is to have one million children connecting, creating and making their dot around September 15-ish.  It will likely be a week-long event.

Last year teachers and students took the International Dot Day to an entirely new level, using SKYPE and other means to connect and partner with teachers and students in all 50 states and in  other countries — virtually connecting the dots with each other around the world.  They collaborated on classroom projects and made their marks, something that had never happened before.

“Creativity matters,” says Peter H. Reynolds.  “All the dots will connect, one by one.  Children will be using their talents and energy to give back to their communities and world.  We are showing the world how creativity is important.”  Reynolds also noted that last year an entire town celebrated and held a Dot scavenger hunt.  The goal is to be creative and think outside of the box.

Peter H. Reynolds will visit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst Massachusetts on Sep. 15, 2013.  The day’s activities will provide an opportunity to connect and collaborate with Peter. Visitors can help create an original drawing on the main wall at the Museum or join a story session during which Peter will read The Dot.

If you’re a teacher and want to participate, there is still time to sign up your students.  Visit the International Dot Day site for all the information and resources you will need to get started, inspired and connected.  Many teachers have already posted requests to partner with other schools.  You can also follow International Dot Day on Facebook and Twitter, using #dotday and #makeyourmark and @DotClubConnect.

I can not share this story without mentioning Iowa teacher, Terry (T.J.) Shaw, who held the first Dot Day on Sept. 15, 2009 and shared his student’s creations with Reynolds.  He is the motivational force behind the launching of this special day and remains one of its greatest ambassadors.

Once again, this is a perfect time to issue another challenge to all the KidLit bloggers to make their dots and publish them on their websites September 15-ish.  Last year many bloggers participated.  You have 21 days to prepare!

About Patricia Tiltonhttps://childrensbooksheal.wordpress.comI want "Children's Books Heal" to be a resource for parents, grandparents, teachers and school counselors. My goal is to share books on a wide range of topics that have a healing impact on children who are facing challenges in their lives. If you are looking for good books on grief, autism, visual and hearing impairments, special needs, diversity, bullying, military families and social justice issues, you've come to the right place. I also share books that encourage art, imagination and creativity. I am always searching for those special gems to share with you. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

28 thoughts on “International Dot Day September 15-ish

    • Great Diane. I am hoping some bloggers make their mark. I officially registered this year on the form and put myself in the “other” category and said I was a KidLit Blogger. Hope you do the same.


  1. Pat, I did register; however, I can’t find where other teachers and schools have put what they’re doing. I’d love to connect our little homeschool to some class. R U teaching? I did “like” the Intl’ Dot Day Facebook and Twitter.


    • Tina, I am so glad you registered. If you click on the site I posted, the International Dot Day page will appear. Look at the top and click on “Get Connected.” The very first paragraph talks about connecting and you can click on the word at the end of the paragraph “here.” That will bring up a page of teachers connecting. That’s why I ran this post in advance of the day so teachers and homeschoolers could sign up. Good luck. Let me know if you still have trouble. No, I’m not a teacher.


  2. What a great event! I love this book, I bought it this summer and read it to my children. I use it not only because it’s a wonderful story, but also because it’s perfect for teaching English as a foreign language as the text is very simple and the drawings are so helpful to understand the story. I already used “The Musem” by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds for some nice activities with children: I really love his art!
    I will check on the event website and try to participate!
    Best wishes


    • Michela,
      I love your blog and that you’re using English books to teach a foreign language. I’m also happy you loved “The Museum!” I hope you sign up and participate with your children or students. Peter is hoping that kids worldwide will connect with students in other countries. Or if you can post on your blog.


  3. Must start figuring out my Dot for this year! I so appreciate this post of yours, Pat, and your encouragement to kidlit bloggers to sign up and get involved. I had been stymied by how to sign up when I’m not a teacher — thanks for clarifying that for me in your comments. Heading off now to sign up!


    • It is a fabulous idea. Just think about all of the children worldwide connecting. If you join in, you can register as “other” and put kidlit blogger. Many of us will be posting out dots on our sites.


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