Creating, Connecting – International Dot Day

dot_day_2012_v01Today is International Dot Day, based on Peter H. Reynolds book, The Dot.  It will be celebrated all week-long.  This year 1,260,227  (increasing daily) children from 82 countries have signed up to participate in this week’s many activities.  They will be using their imaginations and creativity to make their marks at home and in classrooms globally.

Like last year, teachers and students will take International Dot Day   to an entirely new level, using SKYPE and other means to connect and partner with teachers and students in all 50 states and in 82 other countries — virtually connecting the dots with each other globally and breaking down barriers.   Check out the site and Facebook page to see what kids are doing.   It is also important to remember the week will overlap with International Day of Peace on September 21.  This is a beautiful way for children to celebrate their global village.  Learn more about how The Dot traveled into space on the Soyuz rocket last December 2012 with Commander Chris Hadfield, making this a galactic event.

Today, Peter H. Reynolds will spend Dot Dat at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst Massachusetts from  noon to 5 p.m.  The day’s activities will offer an opportunity to connect and collaborate with Peter. Visitors can help create an original drawing on the main wall at the Museum or join a story session during which Peter will read The Dot.  Peter will sign books today.

Not only will children be making their dots, but celebrities have posted their dots on the International Dot Day website.  And, many KidLit bloggers are posting their dots.  My dot is a picture I took of my daughter looking through a tire.

Nicole and tireCAM00400

Copyright 2013 Patricia Tilton

About Patricia Tiltonhttps://childrensbooksheal.wordpress.comI want "Children's Books Heal" to be a resource for parents, grandparents, teachers and school counselors. My goal is to share books on a wide range of topics that have a healing impact on children who are facing challenges in their lives. If you are looking for good books on grief, autism, visual and hearing impairments, special needs, diversity, bullying, military families and social justice issues, you've come to the right place. I also share books that encourage art, imagination and creativity. I am always searching for those special gems to share with you. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

30 thoughts on “Creating, Connecting – International Dot Day

    • Michele, what a marvelous thing you did with your students in using The Dot to teach your French students a second language! I bet they loved the story and had fun imagining and creating their special dots. Happy Dot Day. Hope you to photos and posted them on the Dot Page or the FB Dot Page.


  1. Hi Pat… Great minds think alike. I had decided to use a one of two pictures with my nephews in. I came across them as I was putting together an album to take with me when I visit them in a couple of weeks. Have a happy dot day and weekend.


    • Yes, I chuckled when I saw your dot! We have great minds! LOL. I took this picture of my daughter hanging from monkey bars and looking back through a tire. Thought it was perfect to share and put a face on a dot, like you did. Happy Dot Day!


  2. LOVE your dot and your wholehearted support of International Dot Day. As you know, I posted my Starborn Dot last week, but there is another Dot in my future — tomorrow there’ll be a dot on my regular blog. It’s a Dot that invites interaction from its viewers. I hope people will have fun with it.

    Happy Dot Day, Pat!


  3. Thank you Beth. Loved your dot last week, and will look forward to you interactive dot with viewers. Don’t know where all of your energy and creativity comes from. I know — you’re still a child at heart! 🙂 Happy Dot Day and week. Can’t wait to see the numbers of kids participating climb this week.


  4. Gorgeous picture! The dot on the ‘i’ I wonder why such a little character sits on top of such an important (or unimportant) thing as “I?” It ends things. It makes a segue into other things; it is held within a question. Can we do without it? Dots…of suggestion and inference. What a good thing to think about.


    • Yes, it has been a creative year for dots. I’m glad you liked my dot. I wanted to put a face on my dot because I Dot Day has become so much a part of connecting our global community and breaking down barriers.


  5. LOVE your dot, Pat! What an informative post. We are thrilled to participate this year, as well. Cool Mom set up a Dot Day linky for us on our blog and we invite anyone to add their posts there – we’ll keep it open for a whole month and can’t wait to see everyone’s dots. Happy Dot Day, all!


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