Imagine a Rainbow: A Child’s Guide for Soothing Pain

Imagine a Rainbow9781591473848_p0_v1_s260x420Imagine a Rainbow: A Child’s Guide for Soothing Pain

Brenda S. Miles, Ph.D.

Nicole Wong, Illustrator

Magination Press, Nonfiction, 2006

Suitable for Ages : 4-8

Themes:  Chronic pain in children and adolescence,  Arthritis, Burns, Cancer, Lupus, Sickle Cell

Opening“You are a child.  It doesn’t seem fair, That sometimes your body can hurt everywhere.  There’s a way to feel better, something children can do.  The ideas in your mind can help you get through.  Imagine a rainbow with red, green and blue, Bright ribbons of color that wrap around you.”

Synopsis:  Children who suffer with chronic pain are encouraged to use their imaginations and deep breathing as tools for easing their pain. Written in soothing rhyme, the author uses the images of a warm rain, a wind blowing softly, cuddling with a puppy, a clouds in a sky, rainbows, and a field filled with daisies and grass.

“Imagine the ocean with sparkling waves. That lift up your body and whisper BE BRAVE.”

“Think of funny ideas like hippos in skirts. Send your laughter to places inside you that hurt.

“Imagine the sun shining warm on your face.  Let it glow on your body wherever you ache.”

Why I like this book:  I am overjoyed to find a picture book written so simply for children who live with chronic pain, like sickle cell, arthritis, burns, cancer, and lupus.  Brenda Miles’ book empowers children by encouraging them to use imagery/visualization and deep breathing to help them when their bodies are hurting.  This is a very encouraging book to share with kids who are learning to cope with chronic pain.   Wong’s illustrations are whimsical ink and watercolors that inspire, uplift, calm, warm and sooth the child.  They are exquisite.

Resources:  Brenda Miles, Ph.D, is a pediatric neuropsychologist.  She has written backpages for parents to help them understand the concepts of imagery, deep breathing, and coping with chronic pain and medical procedures.  Her goal is to help teach parents how to guide their children through visualization, relaxation exercises and manage their own pain.  Children are very creative and may have their own special images they can draw upon.   They may use these techniques anywhere and anytime.

Every Friday, authors and KidLit bloggers post a favorite picture book.  To see a complete listing of all the Perfect Picture Books with resources, please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Books.

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39 thoughts on “Imagine a Rainbow: A Child’s Guide for Soothing Pain

  1. Looks like a beautiful way to deal with this issue. And, may offer tips for the “reader” of the picture book too. This one sounds like a gem.


    • Barbara, I have searched for picture books that would help kids with chronic illness. Some of the top searches on my website include lupus, sickle cell, and childhood arthritis and cancer. This book can help with any illness. It is written with such simplicity and beauty.


    • Miranda, I don’t know. My library didn’t have the picture book, but I plan to donate it. It is a beautiful PR with warm illustrations. But, like most books, it is a parent-child book. I’ll have to find out. I was thrilled with this find because some of the top searches on my blog are for childhood lupus, sickle cell, cancer and arthritis.


  2. Without using the words child and children in the opening, I imagine this could be a good book for anyone of any age who suffers chronic pain. Thanks for sharing this.


    • I know, I feel the same way. But, I am thrilled to find this gem for parents who may not have thought about visualization techniques! I always taught my daughter meditation and visualization techniques as a child, just to help her calm herself.


  3. How excited I am as the author of Imagine a Rainbow: A Child’s Guide for Soothing Pain to see the positive review. Thank you, Patricia, and to all those who have made such encouraging comments! The book was inspired by children with sickle cell disease, but is dedicated to all children who try to bring rainbows to their pain. A picture book on sickle cell disease, called Tickle Cell, Sickle Cell, illustrated by the talented Cathryn Schmidt, is coming soon!


    • Dr. Miles,
      It was a pleasure to review your book. It was beautifully written and presented. You have no idea how I’ve been searching for books for children dealing with chronic pain. And, I’m thrilled you have written a book on Sickle Cell. Will look forward to reviewing it. I have many people visiting my site looking for books on sickle cell. My review also appeared on twitter, FB and Linkedin.



    • Thank you Erik. I’ve been searching for a book like this. I just love the entire book because it is beautiful and has wonderful visualizations set in rhyme to help kids find relief from pain. The author indicated in her comment below, that it was written for children with sickle cell. But, it can be used in many ways, like trying to calm yourself.


  4. Pat…we can always count on you to find these amazing books! I absolutely love the sweet rhymes that help ‘wrap a rainbow around the ache’. Just reading the few lines you provided gave me a warm and comforted feeling.:) Great review, Pat…and how lovely that the author came over to comment!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments. The rhyme is so beautiful and soothing, as are the illustrations. This was a great find for me because I see what people search for on my blogs. I’m glad the author indicated she’s doing something with Sickle cell — another popular search.


    • Yes, I was happy to find this book. I agree, although written for kids with sickle cell, it can be used for chronic pain and emotional pain, including anxiety. The rhyme and illustrations are lovely and soothing


  5. Oh, I just LOVE the idea of this book, Pat! I’m thrilled to be adding it to our list, because we don’t have anything like it and I’m sure there are (unfortunately) tons of kids who can benefit from it. But it also sounds like good advice that we can all learn from. Thank you so much for sharing this one!


    • This was a great find and I am so excited to add it to our PPBF list. I’ve been searching for a long time for a PB that wasn’t medical. This one is beautiful. So many children are in need of books like this to help they take charge of their pain.


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