International Dot Day Countdown – September 15

dot_day_2012_v01In seven days children around the world will be kicking off  International Dot Day. Over 1,925,183 million children from 85 countries  have signed up to celebrate in their classrooms and individually.  The goal this year is to have two million children celebrating, connecting and making their dots the week of September 15. It is usually a week-long event.

September 15 will be the 11th anniversary of Peter H. Reynold’s international bestselling book, The Dot, about a girl who doesn’t think she can draw.  In 2009, Iowa teacher, Terry (T.J.) Shay, held the very first Dot Day celebration and shared his student’s creations with Reynolds. Shaw is the motivational force behind the launching of this phenomenal day.

According to Reynolds “the theme for this year’s day is creativity, bravery and self-expression.” Singer song-writer Emily Dale collaborated with Reynolds to create the beautiful The Dot Song for educators can use in their classrooms.

In past years teachers and students took International Dot Day to an entirely new level, using  SKYPE and other means to connect and partner with teachers and students in all 50 states and globally — virtually connecting the dots with each other around the world. They collaborated on classroom projects and made their marks. This year will bring even greater collaboration.

If you are a teacher or parent who wants to participate, there is still time to enroll your students. There are many ways to celebrate Dot Day.  Visit the International Dot Day site for all the information and resources you will need to get started, inspired and connected. Many teachers have already posted requests to partner with other schools.  You can also follow International Dot Day on Facebook and Twitter, using #dotday and #makeyourmark and (

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23 thoughts on “International Dot Day Countdown – September 15

  1. What a sweet video. I’m going to celebrate this year by drawing/painting that day instead of writing. I need to get over the idea that I’m not a “good” artist. Of course I’ll probably let the kids paint with me, too. : )


  2. I’ve never participated in Dot Day, and I probably never will. But I like that instead of posting on the day, you gave everyone a week’s heads up so anyone interested has time to take action. Have a Happy Dot Day, everyone. 🙂


    • Yes, I always try to give a heads up, although I should have done it in August. I keep watching the counter and 15,000 more kids signed up since late yesterday… and counting. I love the idea of kids making their marks and the connections that will be made nationally and globally.


  3. I watched this to see what all the excitement is about! I am so glad I did!

    On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 6:10 AM, Children’s Books Heal wrote:

    > Patricia Tilton posted: “In seven days children around the world will > be kicking off International Dot Day. Over 1,367,055 children from 71 > countries have signed up to celebrate in their classrooms and > individually. The goal this year is to have two million children > celebratin”


    • Thank you for sharing how you used “The Dot” as a second language class for your French students. That is so cool. I loved their “Dot Day” entries and commented on your post. Glad your new class is participating again this year. Hope you watched the video.


  4. Oh, Patricia, this was the most delightful post, ever! Thrilled am I to have visited your blog today, to have discovered such a wonderful ‘day’ and watch the video that enlightened my soul. I have shared it with LI and FB.


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