The Very Fairy Princess: Valentines from the Heart

The Very Fairy Princess Valentines from 61caklR2VdL__SX496_BO1,204,203,200_The Very Fairy Princess: Valentines from the Heart

Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, Co-authors

Christine Davenier, Illustrator

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Fiction, December 22, 2015

  • Suitable for Ages: 8-12

Themes: Valentine’s Day, Creativity, Compassion, Kindness, Friendship

Opening: “One of my FAVORITE days is coming up — Valentine’s Day! Fairy princesses are at their sparkly best making people smile, and what better way to do that than with a FABULOUS homemade card?”

Synopsis: Gerry makes home-made valentines for her classmates using glitter, sequins, glue and sparkly markers. Her mother gives her one of her father’s folders, to protect her valentines. When there is a mix-up in folders at home, Gerry needs to find another way to deliver her valentine message to her friends.

Why I like this book:

  • Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton have written a delightful reminder that gifts from the heart are meaningful, especially when delivered by a spunky and engaging character, Geraldine. Gerry believes she is a fairy princess because “the sparkle I feel inside tells me that it’s TRUE.” It is impressive how a special word like sparkle, can convey so much self-confidence to a child.
  • Gerry creatively personifies the power of compassion when she delivers her special sparkly message to each classmate. Her friends respond with surprise, kindness and generosity towards Gerry. This kind of authentic interaction between children just doesn’t get any better! Coming from Gerry, it is believable.
  • The book has a new format with bonus stickers and is perfectly suited for young readers. It is an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day.
  • Christine Davenier’s warm, expressive and whimsical pastel illustrations beautifully capture the compassionate tone of this timeless story of friendship for children.

Make sure you check out the other seven books and two Early Readers in the New York Times bestselling Very Fairy Princess series. The books hallmark self-confidence, creativity, problem-solving and radiate inner sparkle. They can be read in any order, but I encourage you to start with the very first book — that is where all the magic begins with Gerry, a passionate and memorable character. They are beautiful gift books. For more information, visit the Julie Andrews Collection and Emma Walton Hamilton’s website.

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21 thoughts on “The Very Fairy Princess: Valentines from the Heart

  1. Having just done 20 Valentines with my son for his classmates, I can see how a child would relate well to this book–especially, if he or she needed to come up with a plan B for those very special valentines. Great review, Pat!

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  2. I love children’s books and I just came across your name via Pam’s blog. I will send this to my little grand niece in Germany who absolutely adores princesses. A princess that is kind and loving, how sweet!


    • Your niece would love Gerry, who believes with all of her heart she’s a princess because of sparkle she feels inside her. This is a beautiful series for girls because it emphasizes so many important themes — self-confidence, kindness, friendship and problem-solving — from such a charming little girl who has so much energy! These are not your typical princess books. I hope you check out all of the books and introduce her to Gerry. Thanks for visiting my website.


  3. I’ve liked Julie Andrews since her movies entertained me as a kid. Thoroughly Modern Millie and The Sound of Music are her best (for me), but I love all her movies. Somehow I have missed her books. Your review makes me want to run to the library and check out these books.


    • You would love this princess series, Sue! The books are about self-esteem, self-confidence, friendship and problem-solving. Julie has been writing books for children since the early 1970s with her first MG book,” Mandy.” She is also an advocate for literacy. She has written and co-authored over 30 books with her daughter, Emma. Check out the websites I listed. And, get to know Emma too. My granddaughter’s favorite series is about a kitten, “Little Bo,” that is found by a sailor. The kitten sneaks aboard his ship. In each book, Bo visits different countries, Italy, England etc. Will be interested in what you think.


  4. Julie Andrews is a class act and I love that she has collaborated with her daughter for this series. What a wonderful book for Valentine’s Day. Home-made cards are always better than those bought from the store.


    • I agree, home-made cards are the best. But, there’s a twist in this story that is even better. Yes, Emma and her mother have been collaborating on books together for years. And all of their books are such beautiful stories for children. Hope you read one.


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