Glasses: The Board Book


Ann Gwinn Zawistoski, Author

Heide M. Woodworth, Photographer

Peeps Eyewear, Nonfiction, 2014

Pages: 12

Suitable for Ages: 0-4

Themes: Glasses, Children, Diversity, Differences, Rhyming

Opening: “Some glasses are red. Some glasses are blue. I think your glasses look great on you!”

Synopsis: A positive board book for babies and toddlers who wear glasses. Colorful glasses, round or square, grace the chubby and happy faces of youngsters to help them see.

Why I like this book:

Ann Gwinn Zawistoski has written a delightful board book with rhyming text that celebrates the important role glasses can play in a child’s life. The book is short, playful and filled with the right amount of information to hold a young child’s attention. It will be a book a child will beg to read again and again. The book also features a diverse group of children. Heide Woodworth’s beautiful photographs are adorable, lively and capture the joy of “seeing” on each child’s face.  I welcome high quality books portraying children with different needs and challenges.

Zawistoski’s daughter started wearing glasses when she was a year old. Her daughter loved looking at books with babies and toddlers’ faces.  The author kept hoping someone would write a book that featured young kids in glasses. Eventually she accepted the fact that no one was going to write a book, so she did. Glasses is the perfect book just right for small hands.

Glasses are redpg1.jpg Glasses help you see.jpg








Compliments of Heide M. Woodworth

Resources: The book is a resource for parents, daycare centers, and preschools. It is an ideal book for a child being fitted for his/her first pair of glasses. It is also an excellent gift book! Visit Zawistoski at her website.

Every Friday, authors and KidLit bloggers post a favorite picture book. To see a complete listing of all the Perfect Picture Books (PPB) with resources, please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Books.

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38 thoughts on “Glasses: The Board Book

  1. How clever of Ms Zawistoski to write the book she was looking for. I love that the pictures are photographs of real children wearing glasses. Since I have worn glasses for almost as long as I can remember, I can empathize with children who do.


  2. I think babies in glasses are cuties! Glasses for kids today are so much more fashionable than they once were. Nice book!


    • Babies in glasses are adorable. I had an eye appointment recently, so I checked out the selection of glasses for babies, toddlers and young children and was amazed at the selection. They are so colorful and very bendable for a young child.

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  3. Love the idea! Not enough children have to wear glasses so that it really helps to have a book like this for little ones who *do* have to wear glasses to see that they’re not alone and that glasses are awesome.


  4. What a wonderful book for the youngest glasses wearers. This should be in every pediatric optometrist waiting room for starters. I’ll pass the title along to a friend who works in the field.


  5. Yes, glasses are the best! (My apologies to those who aren’t blessed to wear them.) For older kids, I love the Junie B. Jones book where she gets her glasses. I can’t remember the title off hand. Great pick!


  6. This is a great book! I know my little sister hated that she needed glasses. There really weren’t books on the subject at the time – a book for little kids. I like that this book has pictures of real kids with glasses. Arlo Needs Glasses is a nice book too – but Arlo is a dog. 😉


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