Amanda on the Danube: The Sounds of Music by Darlene Foster

amanda-danube-51v70ddl03l__sx311_bo1204203200_Amanda on the Danube: The Sounds of Music

Darlene Foster, Author

Central Avenue Publishing, Fiction, Oct. 1, 2016

Pages: 120

Suitable for Ages: 8-12

Themes:  Travel, Adventure, Blue Danube, Riverboat, Mystery, Homeless boy, Violin

Book Jacket Synopsis:  Twelve-year-old Amanda Ross finds herself on an elegant riverboat with her bestie, Leah, cruising down the beautiful Danube, passing medieval castles, luscious green valleys and charming villages. When she is  entrusted with a valuable violin by a young, homeless musician during a stop in Germany, a mean boy immediately tries to take it from her.

Back on their cruise, Amanda struggle to keep the precious violin safe for the poor prodigy. Along the way, she meets a mysterious monk, a Santa Claus look-alike, and the same nasty boy.

Follow Amanda down the Danube, through Germany, Austria and Hungry, as she enjoys the enchanting sounds of music everywhere she goes. She remains on the lookout though wondering just who she can trust.

Why I like this book:

Darlene Foster has penned a lively adventure story for young readers who enjoy traveling and solving a good mystery. Fans of the Amanda Travels series won’t be disappointed with this fast-paced book which will keep them engaged and quickly turning pages to discover what happens next. Amanda is an upbeat, inquisitive, caring and memorable character that teens will want to befriend — especially since she has keen radar and is ready to solve a good mystery. Leah spends a lot time texting her friends at home, which annoys Amanda.

Readers will also learn a little history, geography and a few German expressions as they cruise along the beautiful Blue Danube River and visit Nuremberg, Regensburg, Melk, Vienna and Budapest. Amanda and Leah explore castles, cathedrals, graveyards, and museums. They learn about Mozart, sample local cuisine and shop for teddy bears at the Steiff store.

Amanda on the Danube: The Sounds of Music, is the fifth book in the Amanda Travels series:  Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask; Amanda in Spain: The Girl in the Painting; Amanda in England: The Missing Novel; and Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone.  I recommend you start with the first book, but the Foster has written the books in such a manner that they can be read in any order.

Darlene Foster grew up on a ranch in southern Alberta. She dreamt of writing, travelling the world and meeting interesting people. She also believes everyone is capable of making their dreams come true. It’s no surprise that she’s now the award-winning author of a children’s adventure series about a travelling twelve-year-old-girl.  A world-traveler herself, Darlene spends her time in Vancouver, Canada and Costa Blanca in Spain. Visit her Darlene Foster at her website.

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23 thoughts on “Amanda on the Danube: The Sounds of Music by Darlene Foster

  1. Pat, This sounds like a wonderfully sweet story. Love that she includes a bit of history, geography and music into the mix. Obviously, the title is somewhat reminiscent to a movie some of us may have seen 100 plus times. Terrific review!


  2. I’ve always longed to travel, so this sounds like a great way to do so vicariously and enjoy a fun book at the same time. Win for me. 😀 Thanks for the recommend, and happy reading!


  3. Wow this sounds really enchanting! I love the premise, and the history involved in it! I myself play violin too sooo…this book is already on a good start! Thanks for reviewing! 🙂


    • I thought you might know Darlene. She has combined her passion with travel and intrigue and created this great book for readers. And, it’s fun to follow her blog because she travels all over Europe, now that she calls Spain her new home.

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  4. Just the book I’m looking for! I bought Amanda in Arabia for my 8-year-old granddaughter, Sophie, to give her for Christmas. Her uncle, my son, wonders what to get his niece for Christmas – I’m going to suggest he buy Amanda on the Danube, since Sophie is playing the violin now! THANKS.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Great review Pat. Darlene’s books are always lovely to read. Brings back lots of good memories with all the places Amanda visits, for me. I stayed on the William Tel river boat when I was over in Frankfurt. At the time all the hotels were booked due to a Trade fair on. We hope to go back and travel more east hopefully next year.

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