A Feel Better Book for Little Poopers by Holly Brochmann and Leah Bowen

A Feel Better Book for Little Poopers

Holly Brochmann and Leah Bowen, Authors

Shirley Ng-Benitez, Illustrator

Magination Press, Fiction,  May 19, 2020

Suitable for ages: 2-5

Themes: Using the bathroom, Pooping, Scarry, Creating routines, Children

Opening: “The sun is shining, / it’s a beautiful day. /Your  firends are all waiting / to go out and play. / But something has stopped you / from joining the group… / oh no, not again! / You have to go poop!

Book Jacket Synopsis:

Pooping can feel like a BIG deal to a LITTLE kid!

It’s very confusing / when your head says no / but your body is saing / I really need to go!

In lively, soothing rhyming text, this Feel Better Book helps little ones who are first learning to use the bathroom to understand that pooping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or scary. The gentle and calming narration gives readers concrete coping strategies and practical advice.

Why I like this book:

Kudos to Holly Brochmann and Leah Bowen for tackeling this important topic for young children.  I love their opening as it quickly gets to the problem — a little boy has to poop. He’s worried, scared, and doesn’t want to go. So he’s missing out on the morning play time fun with his friends. It’s wrecking his plans for the day. But the boy is not alone. A diverse cast of characters share his anxiety as they learn techniques to relax, imagine and come up with practical solutions.

This book will also help children realize that everyone has to spend time on the potty including superheroes, princesses, presidents, ballerinas, basketball players and firefighters.

The rhyming text will captivate young children, as will some fun potty puns. The illustrations are priceless. Shirley NG-Benitez has added some humor in her expressive illustrations that will lighten the matter and have kids giggling about going No. 2.  Sure to be a hit with young children and a relief for parents (pun intended).

Resources: The author offer an insightful Note to Parents and Caregivers at the end of the book with more information about helping little poopers to stay calm and have success!

Holly Brochmann  and Leah Bowen are sisters and coathors. This is the sisters’ fourth book in the Beel Better Books for Little Kids series: For Little Tears, For Little Worriers, and For Little Tempers. Leah is a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist. Holly has a degree in journalism and has a career in public relations. Both sisters live in Texas. You can visit them at their website.

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*Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for a review.”

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16 thoughts on “A Feel Better Book for Little Poopers by Holly Brochmann and Leah Bowen

  1. I love the rhyming text used to calm little ones when learning to use the potty. This sounds like a fun book for both children and adults.


  2. My nephew could have used this story about 15 years ago. He had issues with using the bathroom, but his mom did a good job calming his fears. I’m sure there are many kids who are in this predicament today. Thanks for alerting me to this useful title for parents to share with their little ones.


  3. This sounds like a winner for managing potty time. I used to tell my son stories to get him to sit, LOL. I think that was the start of my writing picture books! Thanks for sharing, Patricia!


  4. I can imagine that this book will be very useful to a lot of kids! Thanks for the great review!


  5. Sounds like a fun way to approach a sometimes tricky part of childhood. Some of the other titles look interesting too, I have a grandchild in mind for the ‘For Little Tempers’!


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