Lobe Your Brain by Leanne Boucher Gill

Lobe Your Brain: What Matters About Your Grey Matter

Leanne Boucher Gill Ph.D., author

Illustrations by Magination Press 

Magination Press, Nonfiction, Jun. 21, 2021

Suitable for ages: 6-8

Themes: Brain, Neurons, Nerves, Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology, Movement, Emotions, Senses

Opening: “Hi! Welcome to your brain! Your brain helps you move, laugh, dance, think, and do just about everything that makes you, you!”


The brain does a lot — makes you dance, smile, remember, think, feel and so much more. But do you know how it really works? Take a fascinating tour of the nervous system and lobes of the human brain to discover all the cool things that it can do.

This book is full of fun examples, simple explanations, and basic anatomy illustrations that shows how everything flows.

Why I like Lobe Your Brain:

Lobe Your Brain is an informative, child-friendly introduction to the workings of the amazing human brain. Clever title for kids and adults. I like how the two main characters are doctors/scientists who speak directly to kids in first person (in bubbles) as they lead kids on a tour of the brain and how its impact on their every day lives.  They talk about neurons and explain the various lobes and how they help you play soccer, ride a bike, tie your shoes, spin and dance, see color, learn new things and remember what you already know, and make decisions. 

Kids brains are like sponges, so I believe they will enjoy being introduced to many big words and be fascinated at how really amazing the brain is to their every action, thought, feeling, heartbeat and breath.  The illustrations are very colorful and engaging. Not only do they include artwork about the brain, they also include a diverse group of children engaged in activities.

I also want to share that the author also has published a book for older readers 10-14 years. It’s called The Big Brain Book: How it Work and All It’s Quirks. It is very age appropriate and divided into three  sections. The last section is particularly interesting, because it helps kids understand what happens to the brain when things go wrong — like a a brain injury, stroke, a concussion, forgetfulness and memory loss.

Books about the brain are so scarce in children’s nonfiction. These two gems belong in every school library. I gifted a copy of Lobe Your Brain to a friend whose seven-year-old son had a head concussion. He was very interested in learning about his brain and his mom was able to talk about how important it is for him to protect his unique brain. 

Resources: This is such a fun discussion book for children at home or at school. Focus on a specific lobe in the brain and engage kids in a discussion about all the cool things it does for them.  

Leanne Boucher Gill, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Nova Southeastern University, where she received the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award and was named the NSU STUEY Professor of the Year. She maintains an active research program studying how exercise affects the way we think. She lives in South Florida. Visit her on Twitter. And check out an interview with her on Magination Press.

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*Review copy provided by Magination Press in exchange for a review.

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6 thoughts on “Lobe Your Brain by Leanne Boucher Gill

  1. What a fascinating read for kids. Understanding how a brain works will help them succeed. It’s also great there is a second version for older readers. Thanks for sharing this beneficial resource.


  2. I always want to know more about the brain! And so many kids do, too! I had a concussion right before the pandemic started, and it took me several days to recover. I know I slept for nearly three days straight. One reason why I’m not a fan of football. Great pic, Patricia!


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