PiBoIdMo Month Challenge Completed – 12×12 Picture Book Challenge Next…

I just completed Tara Lazar’s very creative PiBoIdMo activity for authors to come up with 30 picture books ideas, (one a day) during November’s Picture Book Month.  I succeeded with 35 ideas, with five or six real strong possibilities.  I found the challenge just what I needed at this time. Procrastination can take over.  As a journalist for 40 years, I know there is nothing like the pressure of a deadline to work wonders with my imagination.

I enjoyed the thoughtful articles posted daily by Tara from authors sharing their experiences with ideas and writing.  The Facebook interaction was terrific.   Such a very supportive community of authors working together to perfect their craft!  But, what struck me the most was the day Tara had 9–year-old Erik, who writes a blog called This Kid Reviews Books,  share what he learned from PiBoIdMo.  Yes Erik, you are right, many of us wish we could think like a kid.  And your comments about the game you played to see how many ideas you could come up with on your way home from school — impressive.  You opened my eyes and I’m looking too!

Tara, it was a great month!  I had a ball and I will look forward to next year’s challenge!

With 35 ideas, it only makes sense to join Julie Hedlund’s challenge 12×12 Picture Books in 2012!   Julie, your timing is perfect.  Again, I will have to commit to drafting 12 picture books ideas (one a month) in the next year.  I hesitated and am among the last to sign up.  But I realize that making the commitment and the deadline pressure will come to my aid once again!  A new challenge in the New Year!  Thanks Julie!