If I Never Forever Endeavor

If  I Never Forever Endeavor,  written and illustrated  by Holly Meade for children 4-8 yrs of age.  The water-color paintings  are soft and inviting.   This charming treasure  is about  a young bird perched on its nest contemplating whether or not to try its new wings and fly.   The  fledgling considers all the pros and cons of using new wings.   The young bird could fail or succeed, but it won’t know until it tries.   There may be a whole world waiting or it may get lost.   Will the young bird take that great leap and fly?

I first saw this lovely book displayed in the library and the title word endeavor captured my imagination, as it will with children.   I like how Meade introduces an unfamiliar word and weaves it throughout the story.   It will certainly lead to many interesting discussions between children, parents  and teachers.   The book is about finding the courage within to try something new, fully knowing it could result in failure or victory.   This is a book children of all ages will resonate with as they navigate through their lives.   There will always be new choices and opportunities where kids will be challenged to endeavor  and fly.