Super Snow Day

Super Snow Day9780525422457_p0_v1_s260x420Super Snow Day

Michael Garland, Author and Illustrator

Dutton Children’s Books, Fiction, 2010

Suitable for Ages: 3-8

Themes:  Snowy Day, Winter activities, Seek and Find

Opening/SynopsisTommy was about to eat his breakfast when he heard the TV news lady say, “The schools are closed!  It’s a snow day!”  Tommy looked into his cereal bowl and saw a note from his Aunt Jeanne.  “Take a look out the window!/This is more than a flurry./You have time on your hands now,/And not one single worry.”  Tommy hurries outside to shovel the walk before he plays in the snow.  In his shovel he finds another message from Aunt Jeanne telling him to head towards town when he finishes.  He happily straps on his snow shoes and makes his way towards town where the streets are filled with children playing and parents pulling kids on sleds.  As he heads to the town square he finds people making gigantic snow sculptures and ice castle.  Outside of town there is  ice fishing, ice boat racing, sleigh rides, bobsled racing and many more surprises.

Snow Day12-13

Why I like this book:  Author and illustrator Michael Garland has written and illustrated a magical snow day book that teaches kids about many fun and unusual winter sports and the world of hibernating animals.   His computer-generated  illustrations are bold, colorful, and engaging.   Super Snow Day is one of Garland’s popular Seek and Find books.  Each illustration is filled with hundreds of hidden snow items.  With a lot of snow this winter, Super Snow Day will have great kid appeal.   Young children will find it a great snowy day story and enjoy looking at the eye-popping illustrations.  Older children will be entertained with searching for all the winter sport symbols, song and book titles, animal tracks, foreign words for “snow,” and counting all the snowflakes on the cover and inside the book.   Make sure you have a pad of paper and pencil, because this book is one big puzzle!  Visit Michael Garland  and all of his picture books at his website.

Super Snow14-15

Resources:  The book is a resource of fun activities for even the young at heart.  But, enjoy the snow with your children/grandchildren and take them outside to search for animal tracks in the snow.  Make snow angels.  Go sledding, skiing or ice skating.  Build a snow fort or snowman.  And don’t forget about making snow ice cream.  Here’s a recipe.

Super Snow28-29

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