A Snicker of Magic

A Snicker of Magic9780545552707_p0_v3_s260x420A Snicker of Magic

Natalie Lloyd, Author

Scholastic Press, Fiction, Feb. 25, 2014

Suitable for ages: 8-12 (Grades 3-7)

Themes: Magic, Single-parent families, Moving, Mothers and daughters, Friendship

Synopsis: Felicity Juniper Pickle and her mama, sister and dog are on the move again. They’ve been moving all over the country ever since her father left them five years earlier. Felicity feels her mother is cursed with a wandering heart. And she’s tired of starting over in a new town, a new school and with new friends. When Mama’s van, the Pickled Jalapeno, heads to her Aunt Cleo’s home in Midnight Gulch, Felicity feels that her luck may be changing. She loves hearing Mama’s stories about Midnight Gulch being a magical place where people sing up thunderstorms, make ice cream that brings back sweet and sour memories, and bake secrets into pies. One day the city is cursed and the magic leaves. The only kind of magic Felicity is interested in is the kind that would make her mama stay put.

Felicity, who is 12 years old, collects words and writes them in her blue book and on her tennis shoes. She sees words hover around people light as feathers or heavy as burdens. Other words sparkle, dance and shine like stars. But in Midnight Gulch Felicity sees words like magical, bittersweet, sorrowful, splendiferous, factofabulous, believe, stay, friend and home. Felicity still feels the magic in the town and knows it is hiding.  At school she becomes best friends with Jonah Pickett, who navigates the town in his wheelchair doing acts of kindness. Together they begin to unravel the town’s secrets of the curse of the mysterious Brothers Threadbare. Will Felicity and Jonah find a way to release the curse, bring back the joy and magic to Midnight Gulch, and find a permanent home for the gypsy Pickles?

Why I like this book: Once in a while you discover a book that touches your soul and you know from the start that it is something very special to read. And when you finish that book, you want to go back to the beginning and start all over. This charming and delicious debut novel by Natalie Lloyd is magical from the first page and full of child appeal. Its literary style will captivate many adults. The language is lyrical and the plot is strong. There is a large cast of lovable, quirky and very talented characters who deal with real-life issues of loss, divorce, disabilities, bullying and loneliness.  This is an inspiring story about family, friends, and hope. A Snicker of Magic is an extraordinary magical experience and spindiddly fabulous!

Visit Natalie Lloyd at her website.

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25 thoughts on “A Snicker of Magic

  1. Who doesn’t love a book about a word lover/word collector? This sounds like fun, or should I say funfabulous?

    I hope Archie is having a good recovery. Is he getting extra-soft treats to make him feel better?


    • Yes, I’ll have to admit the cover grabbed me first. But, then I read the jacket flap and I knew it would be a book to experience. I first got the first copy from the library, but have now ordered my own copy. I’ll read it again and I want to pass it along to my granddaughter in a few years.


    • Joanna, this book is going to win some major awards. Anyone writing MG and YA should read and study her style. Natalie Lloyd is a gifted author. But, most of all just enjoy this magical story.


  2. Even from the description, I love this theme. This author is a woman after my own heart, as I believe (and love to write about) magic in ordinary things and how magic is sometimes the only way to help us find inner solutions.


    • I love to read your comments. You have such a lovely way of adding your own spin on my review. In helping the town remember the magic, she finds her own inner solutions. Niamh, you would love this story!


  3. I, too, have heard wonderful things about this book and your review makes me realize that I must get my paws on it. Wonderful review, Pat!


  4. A fabulous review of such a magical book. Loved the eye catching cover. Will order this as I would love to read it not only for the story, but the style. It has such a great feel about it. Thanks for sharing, Pat.
    (hoping Archie is better soon)


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