Because I am a Girl: I Can Change the World

International Day of the Girl – Declared by the United Nations — October 11

Because I Am a Girl9781927583449_p0_v2_s260x420Because I am a Girl: I Can Change the World

Rosemary McCarney, with Jen Albaugh and Plan International, Authors

Second Story Press, Nonfiction, Oct. 11, 2014

Themes: Girls in developing countries, Poverty, Girls uniting to change the world, Social conditions, Educating Girls, Promoting girls’ rights

Suitable for Ages: 8 – 14

Pages: 96

Book Synopsis: Meet some amazing girls! They are from all over the world and tell stories of their lives that are sometimes hard to imagine. In Because I am a Girl we hear of the barriers and dangers that they, and millions of girls like them face every day. Despite the hardships, they have great hope for the future. All are willing to do whatever they can to make their lives and those of their families and communities better. Read about: Lucy, an orphan in Zimbabwe, who struggles to find enough food for herself and her sister; Kathryn from South Sudan, who teaches the younger children in the refugee camp where she lives; Farwa, who was destined to become a child bride in Pakistan; and Fahmeeda, a Youth Ambassador from Canada, who works to protect the rights of women and children around the world.

Why I like this book: Rosemary McCarney with Jen Albaugh, has written a powerful, inspiring, and uplifting book for middle grade readers that belongs in every school library — in multiple copies! It is a wonderful resource for students and teachers. The layout of the book is done with thought and purpose.  Readers are introduced to the stories of poverty-stricken girls who deal with barriers and hardship. Each story is followed by a “Did You Know” section, with facts and information about other girls around the globe facing similar problems and the critical need for education. In later sections the authors focus on hope and action. You feel strength and determination as the voices of the girls grow strong about what they can contribute. By the end of the book you see the girls uniting to form clubs to work on projects that will benefit their communities. These girls will become the future teachers, nurses, midwives, doctors, lawyers, business women and leaders. They will be the heart of their communities, bring growth and change, and turn the tide away from poverty and towards a more peaceful world. This book reminds me of what the Dalai Lama said at the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009:  “The western women will save the world and bring peace.” It will also be educated girls in small villages around the globe bringing change to their communities and unity to the world.  Many photographers contributed to the bright and bold photographs that highlight each story. The book is beautifully packaged.

Rosemary McCarney is the author of a picture book Every Day is Malala Day She is President and CEO of Plan International Canada, and spearheads the Because I am a Girl global initiative.  She led the call for United Nations to declare October 11 the “International Day of the Girl” — a day each year to recognize and advocate for girls’ rights and end global poverty. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Plan’s Because I am a Girl FundPlan International is one of the world’s largest international charities working in 50 developing countries, including the United States.

Jen Albaugh is a former elementary school teacher and librarian working as a freelance writer and editor in Toronto who is greatly inspired by the work of Plan and the Because I am a Girl initiative.

*I was provided with a copy of “Because I am a Girl” in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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24 thoughts on “Because I am a Girl: I Can Change the World

    • I could hardly contain my excitement when I read and reviewed this book. It is the perfect book to share in the classroom and their are many activities students can do! I’m so glad you’re sharing it with your teacher daughter.


  1. Nice selection, Pat! It’s so important for both girls and boys to read about how young women are leaving their mark in their communities. Much to be learned by all.


    • So happy you enjoyed this book. It is a movement that has begun and it grows stronger daily. Girls are the most important resource we have in the world and therefore it is important to educate them. They will bring change.

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  2. Hi Patricia! Wonderful addition to my girl power collection (Amelia to Zora and Extraordinary Girls). When folks come looking in our shop for gifts for girls I often try to include a book like that in my recommendations.


    • Craig, I hope you will order this book for your shop. It is an excellent companion book to the ones you mentioned. I need to check those titles. Because I am a Girl will be released to the public on Oct. 11, International Day of the Girl! I am so excited about this book because teachers will have a gem to use in the classroom. So many ways to use this book.


  3. Wonderful, Pat! I think it’s sad how women are still treated and wonderful that there is a movement to make a shift in attitudes.


    • You have spent a lot of time in Africa and know first hand the struggle for girls. This is an exciting book that does not disappoint. Not only does it share stories and factucal information, it shows girls standing up for their rights and brings a lot of hope for the future.

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  4. What a wonderfully empowering, precious book full of the stories of great young women. As you say, Pat, this should be in every school. Great review.


    • It would be a good book for Josie and your Mom. It is being released on Saturday, Oct. 11, International Day of the School. Great classroom book to inspire kids into action in their communities.


    • Rhythm, I’m delighted you liked “Because I am a Girl.” You have so many wonderful uses for it. There is a lot of information in it, so it’s meant for older children. But, you could share the subject matter and have great discussions with the kids. When I saw this book I was very excited! 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you like the book. It’s release is timed with International Day of the Girl, Oct. 11. And, with Malala a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize today, it’s a perfect book for the classroom. It’s a good book to read with children, depending on your nieces age.


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