My Quiet Ship by Hallee Adelman


My Quiet Ship

Hallee Adelman, Author

Sonia Sánchez, Illustrator

Albert Whitman & Company, Fiction,  Oct. 1, 2018

Suitable for Ages: 3-5

Themes: Conflict, Yelling, Anger, Coping skills, Family relationships, Imagination

Opening: Whenever I hear the yelling, I run to the spot.


When the arguments begin between his parents gets bad, Quinn escapes to his special place, the Quiet Ship, where he’s the commander. Together with his faithful stuffed animal crew, Quinn can shut out the yelling that makes him sad and scared, and travel somewhere else — his imagination. His Quiet Ship takes him far away from the yelling.

But one day, the ship breaks. Quinn must be brave and find a way to tell his parents how their fighting makes him feel.

Why I like this book:

Hallee Adelman has written a sensitive and heartfelt story about a boy, Quinn, who builds a safe haven for himself when his parents start arguing. When their yelling escalates,  Quinn’s quiet spaceship allows him to blast off and travel through the clouds, stars and universe to a place that is peaceful. “Far, far away / from here… / From there… / From that yelling.”

The narrative is simple and imaginative and speaks a language children will easily understand. Through Quinn, children will learn coping skills to help them share their fears, sadness and worries.  Quinn bravely works through his anger towards his parents, finds his voice and confronts his parents.

Resources: This powerful book is an excellent conversation starter for both children and parents about handling conflict. Is yelling necessary? Are there more effective ways of dealing with anger? It is important that a children feels safe to discuss their feelings.

Sonia Sánchez’s illustrations are magnificent and really give this story life. The are bold and the yelling takes the form of angry, jagged streaks or heavy clouds that suffocate Quinn. Quinn’s desperate expressions are priceless as they communicate his anguish. She uses both traditional and digital media in her artwork.

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*Review copy provided by the publisher.

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35 thoughts on “My Quiet Ship by Hallee Adelman

    • I’m so glad your local library will be able to offer this book to children. Thank you for sharing it with them. Please reach out if they’d like any swag to giveaway with the book. I’d be happy to send that over. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Patricia, I am so honored that you read and reviewed My Quiet Ship. Thank you for taking your time to share the book with others! Have a great weekend.
    Ps I , too, am a big fan of Sonia’s work!

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    • What an important book for the children who hear their parents arguing. Sometimes parents are clueless, so I’m glad there is a book for kids, and parents. I especially love how Quinn has had enough and finds his voice to say something. The healing begins. I hope you share it far and wide!


  2. Very appealing book for children living in conflict-ridden families. All parents have disagreements at times, but in happy relationships, they soon make up. This can be a positive thing for their children to witness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I agree. Parental disagreements can also show kids that people make up and it isn’t the end of the world. I know someone who never heard his parents argue, and when he became an adult he kept everything to himself and had to learn to disagree. There needs to be a balance.


  3. Wow, publishers are taking on this topic directly. Very interesting. I’m wondering, though, about how the story suggests a child confront his/her parents about this. Confrontation could lead to a dangerous situation for a child, depending on the level of domestic violence. But I’ll have to find this book and see for myself. Thanks for featuring this book, Pat!


    • Maria, I loved your post. I’ve actually taught students about selecting topics for personal narratives with the book!! Happy to connect with you about this. I’d also love to hear your ideas if you’re willing to share them. No pressure if that’s not comfortable for you. Either way, thanks for your note and for sharing the book with children.


  4. Children need lots of strategies to help them cope with situations like these, Patricia. And parents need to know how their behaviour affects their children. An important book for both.


  5. Oh dear Pat, this books looks incredible. We must never dismiss the trauma that children feel when there is angst in the home. I’m totally adding this one to my ever-growing wish list!


  6. This sounds like a book every parent should have. And should read. I love the idea of a ship to escape the yelling – but sailing away never solves problems. No wonder the ship breaks! Thanks for sharing your wonderful review.

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