Hero Mom

Hero Mom9781477816455_p0_v1_s260x420Hero Mom

Melinda Hardin, Author

Bryan Langdo, Illustrator

Amazon Children’s Publishing, Fiction, 2013

Suitable for Ages:  4-8

Themes:  Military Moms, Jobs, Military Families, Pride, Love, War

Opening“Our moms are superheroes.  My mom doesn’t leap over tall buildings — she builds them.”

Synopsis: The mothers in this book are heroes to their sons and daughters.  They fly helicopters, work with dogs to find missing people and dangerous objects, repair aircraft, trucks and tanks, heal patients,  and lead battalions.  They have two things in common.  They are American soldiers and they are moms.

Why I like this book:   This is a very positive and heartwarming book that introduces kids to the subject of what military Moms do while they are away serving our country.  It is very simple and emphasizes how proud the children are of the job their hero parents do to keep us safe.  Melinda Hardin has taken a tough subject of separation and put a positive spin on the subject.   I could easily see a military child taking this book to share at school.  Bryan Langdo’s pastel watercolors are friendly an engaging and capture a feeling of pride in each child.  Hardin also is the author of Hero Dad.  These are two great books to use in the classroom.

Resources:  Have children in class write thank you letters to deployed military soldiers.  All moms  and dads are super heroes.  Encourage the class to draw pictures about the jobs their parents do, regardless of whether or not they are military.  With Father’s Day around the corner, this would be a great activity.  Have children pack care packages for soldiers to show them how much you appreciate what they do.  I know it warms the hearts of soldiers to receive letters and packages from kids.  My grandson received care packages from school children.

Kirkus Review:  “An important message, delivered with effective straightforwardness and an abundance of heart.”

School Library Journal:  “The luminous watercolors make the difficult subject matter approachable for young children.

Hero Dad9780761457138_p0_v1_s260x420

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24 thoughts on “Hero Mom

  1. This book sounds terrific, Pat. I love that it’s about moms and not just dads (who are of course just as important, but there seem to be more books about men in the military.) Love your activities too!


    • Thanks Susanna. I loved the simplicity of this book. And, it is a wonderful way for military kids to talk about the jobs their parents do. Think we have a number of books now for military children on our list.


  2. Your grandson was a true American Hero. Thank you for his service and for keeping our military in the forefront. We must never forget. We sent 23 Pamper-Me packages between Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day last year to our troops on active duty abroad and the thing they always tell us when they write back is how much our letters from the children mean to them. I’m glad your grandson was on the receiving end of that caring gesture.


    • Thanks Barbara. I’m so glad your students sent those packages and letters. Kids say what’s on their mind — and I think soldiers find it refreshing. Many pen pal relationships have developed from the letters.


  3. I really like the look of this one, and the premise. Great pick, Pat.

    After reading about all these military heroes on here this month, I have to share about my hero, my cousin, Gabe. He served two tours in Iraq, was given a Purple Heart after he was seriously injured by a bomb, then he came home and got a job driving a tow truck. This month, while helping someone at the side of the expressway, a suicide driver hit his truck from behind. He reacted instantly, shoving the man he was assisting into the ditch and leaping into the open trunk of the man’s vehicle. But he wasn’t quick enough to get his last foot out of the way. It was smashed when the tow truck slammed into the vehicle. Doctors were unable to save it. But even before doctors were sure the tissue was dying, they were giving him a long-term recovery scenario. Gabe asked, “Will it take more than a year before I can run again and play with my kids?” At their affirmative, he said, “Then take it off. I have a life to get back to.” And after all that, he’s showing love to the troubled man who almost killed them all. My cousin is an amazing man.


    • Wow, that is some story. Gabe is so courage and selfless — the qualities of a true hero. He has a great attitude. Thanking for sharing his story. And, I’m glad you enjoed the books I shared.


  4. The cover and your review leave me with a very positive vibe about this one, Pat! I love you activities and encouraging kids that all their parents are heroes.


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